American is becoming Bravera

American Bank Center is excited to announce we're changing our name to Bravera Bank. American Insurance Center and American Trust Center will also be changing to Bravera Insurance and Bravera Wealth. The new name, along with a new logo, tagline and visual identity, will launch this fall. The change in brand does not reflect a change in ownership, as Bravera is still employee- and director-owned. 


The word Bravera combines “Bravery” and “Truth” for a new name with strong ties to the pioneer spirit and honest values that define the northern plains.

Our new name will be accompanied by a new logo, tagline and brand story that will touch every part of your banking experience, from branch signage to the website and brand communications to advertising.



American Bank Center is growing and expanding our network of branches across North Dakota and Montana. Our growth represents a continued investment in the region’s strong future, competitively positioning us to serve customers with more resources, a greater geographic reach and a broader promise to new people moving into the area.

Our new name unifies our current network and creates a consistent banking experience all under one brand: Bravera Bank.


We are excited to launch a new brand that differentiates us as an employee- and director-owned institution and enhances our customer experience. By rebranding to Bravera, a trademarked name, we are able to grow into new markets, ultimately providing more services and convenience to our customers. It is also an opportunity to visibly unify some of the many different names (American, Prairie Mountain Bank, Beartooth Bank and Central Insurance Agency) that are all part of our company.
We are proud to be American and understand the pride and honor that the name carries. While the American name has served us well, it is limiting to our geographic expansion due to the commonality of the name. Numerous banks, insurance agencies and financial planning institutions have similar names causing confusion in our markets. By rebranding to Bravera, we can set ourselves apart and tell a new story while still honoring our heritage.
We will launch a new user-friendly website, branch enhancements and a rich color palette to accompany our new logo and rebranded advertisements. Additionally, we’ve simplified our website URL and employee email addresses for the ease of our customers and future customers. This will not impact the services we offer, how we insure money or how our advisors help people in our communities. Bravera Bank will continue to be an employee- and director-owned institution.
Extreme consideration and time went into choosing a new name for our company. Bravera [Brah-VEHR-uh] combines the words brave and vera (‘vera’ translates to ‘true’ in Latin). Bravery and truth are values we demonstrate for our customers. These values also have ties to the pioneering spirit and honesty found in our Midwestern roots. Additionally, Bravera is a name we were able to trademark in the U.S. in order to protect our brand and grow our footprint. 
The new name will go into effect on Nov. 1, 2021, pending regulatory approval. In the meantime, you may see enhancements in our branch lobbies and to our building signage.  
There is no ownership change. We continue to be an employee- and director-owned institution. This is purely a name and brand change. As always, we’ll be innovative and do what is best for our customers and employees.
We will continue to have separate entities under our new name. American Bank Center will become Bravera Bank, American Trust Center will change to Bravera Wealth and American Insurance Center will be Bravera Insurance.
Yes. On or around Nov. 1, 2021, a new website will launch. At that time, the websites, and will redirect to the new website.
 Yes, the branches will be slightly modified to reflect the new Bravera brand, logos and colors.
Beartooth Bank, Prairie Mountain Bank and Central Insurance Agency will also adopt the new name at the time of brand launch. Citizens State Bank and Citizen Insurance Agency will change to the new name within weeks of brand launch. United Community Bank has the scale to operate as a high-performing, stand-alone bank and, therefore, will not be part of the rebrand.
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