Estate Planning

Leaving a legacy

Establish a named scholarship, continue your support of charity close to your heart, or simply leave your assets to loved ones. With a properly drawn out estate plan, you can rest assured your wishes will be carried out. 

An estate plan can reduce the amount of taxes to be paid, ensure assets are distributed as you would like and provide liquidity for estate settlement expense. We will work closely with you to ensure your desires are met. When the time comes, we can also serve as the personal representation to administer and settle your family’s estate. 

If you have a family farm or business, we can help you with your succession planning. Without a properly planned-out exit strategy, the future of your business and family relationships could be jeopardized. Visit with one of our Trust Officers to discuss your business succession planning.

Our team can help you determine what options are best for you. 

Products and services offered through American Trust Center are: * Not a deposit * Not FDIC insured * Not insured by any federal government agency * Not financial institution guaranteed and may be subject to investment risk, including loss of principal amount invested.

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